May 06

Jews of the Mystic River

Miriam Sagan

Not Poland, or Gan Eden
But East Boston
Where narrative is history
And history is geographic

Trotskyists, of course
Those who parse
Or holy alphabet
Build ships in Quincy
Drive trucks in Chelsea
Sew button holes, tailor
The wrists of jackets

Pantry shelves
Of bottled plums in glass
And other things that are preserved
In their own juice;
Anger, betrayal, grudge,
Inescapable memory

To be loved with this kind of love:
To be ground like beets for borscht
Chopped like opinions
Savored like schnapps
Lit like candles
Blessed like God.



Miriam Sagan's work has appearede in Moment, Response, and several hundred other magazines internationally.