The Polity: Union Square, 9.11.02
Rachel Dobkin

About a year ago, I was schlepped here to Union Square by my brother, who'd heard that there was "something" going on. I was afraid that it was some hippie thing that I would find irritating, but it was such an extraordinary time that it was just what I needed-uncensored New Yorkers venting and trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

So, I returned. 9.11.02

Girl, to other girl (or women)
...I dunno, last year I felt really safe here...

Upon entering the park, I see these big canvases being displayed, rust colored, unevenly painted, it turned out, with blood. Some kind of protest, supposed to represent, oh, I don't know, human blood. Very subtle.

Big group, laughter, I mean, think about the way you react when a black man approaches you on the subway...
slightly shocked laughter
no, no, the way a straight black man approaches a black woman if he, you know, wants to pick her up.. is different than-
groans - someone responds mean to say... you're jewish, right? So you're saying you're the same as an italian or irish guy, because you're white..?
it's like you calling an Asian person "Chinese"

Guy wearing T-Shirt that says "no more blood." (the shirt is handmade-he should get together with the blood art folks.)

A short man elbows me in the breast repeatedly, asking about the "black people/white people" debate going on over there.

Middle-aged guy
This whole business is to keep the Iraqi oil off the market for the end OPEC...and after Texas conquers Iraq, then they and Iraq will be the new OPEC...

I run into an old friend, he's on the way to the gym. I tell him about my plans for the future. He's off to the gym.

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