October 08

Reserve your spot at a lunch with David Antin!

Join us for a vegetarian lunch at noon. After lunch, David Antin will entertain us with one of his famous performance pieces.

David Antin has said that as a child he wanted to invent things, and that to him this meant he must either become a scientist or an artist. His early published poetry, collected in "Selected Poems: 1963-1973," was experimental, using found or "readymade" texts to address issues of language.

After gathering some experience reading his poems, he began to find the convention of reading his own previously-written poetry stulifying. He turned instead to improvising poems that are a kind of thinking out loud about the act of creating meaning. In his talk pieces Antin blends personal narrative with philosophical reflection to address issues of meaning. The themes of these "talk-pieces" are often inspired by their location and audience.

Recent Poetry Collections

* tuning 1984
* "Selected Poems: 1963-1973" 1991
* what it means to be avant-garde 1993
* A Conversation with David Antin (with Charles Bernstein) 2001
* i never knew what time it was 2005
* john cage uncaged is still cagey 2006

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