October 08

San Diego Zeekend: Border Crossings

Friday, October 24

   Magee Park, Carlsbad Outdoor Shabbat Service   
7:00     Drumming Circle

Saturday, October 25

   At the LFJCC coffee and pastries   
9:00 Jessica K. Lew Weaving Past and Present Jewish-Mexican community organizer integrates past and present journeys
9:00 Jo Ellen G. Kaiser LGBTQ Shabbat Service Reform Service using new LGBTQ Siddur
10:15 Bara Sapir Art workshop: Connecting inner and outer spiritual work In this experiential workshop, we will explore how personal boundaries and self perceptions influence the complex interaction we have with visual culture and life. We will read Jewish texts and engage in creative process to explore if these boundaries influence cultural contexts and anchors or if they are isolated experiences. We will identify and question notions of self and our invisible, yet rigid edges, in attempt to navigate, redefine and stretch ourselves. The creative process and artifacts we make will invariably reflect our lives, while it might consciously reframe and influence new perceptions.
12:00 Lunch LJCC Rotunda vegetarian
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12:30 David Antin Performance Poet breaks boundaries of spoken and written
1:30 Merav Rosenblum The Act of Translation Reading new work in Eng, Spanish, Hebrew
1:30 Immigrant Families Crossing the Border Witnessing the impact of immigration policy
2:45 Raz Mesinai Doing Dub Arab-Israeli sound meets hip-hop
2:45 Rabbi Coskey Borders at what cost? A faith-based approach
  Madre Patricia    
4:00 Eleanor Antin Reading Antin reads from an unpublished book on Stalin-era American Jews
5:00 Reception LJCC Rotunda Cofee, tea and pastries
Price Ballroom, UCSD Bar, finger food  
7:30 Cantor Kathy Robbins Havdalah Service  
8:00 Raz Mesinai aka Badawi Dance Party with live set from Jerusalem born producer and composer Raz Mesinai. Opening set by DJ Mutta Massik. $10 cover charge

Sunday, October 26

 12:00-4:30 John Fanestil At the Borderlands  
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 The Dept of Homeland Security is creating triple fencing along the length of the border between California and Mexico, including creating a double fence across “Friendship Park” where people currently can meet and visit through the border fence. The fence will prevent the public from having access to this historic meeting place.
Our trip will be an introduction to the issue of border fencing and a chance to visit this friendship park before it is eliminated. It will include a trip to Smuggler’s Gulch, a beautiful canyon which is being filled with dirt as part of the fencing project. We will also be able to participate in or observe an interfaith Christian service at the fence at 3pm. We will meet at the LFJCC and return there.