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Pamela Yates, Summer Sleeping
July, 2004

Pamela Yates is a self-taught painter who was born and grew up in Australia. After living in Europe for twelve years she moved to the US in the late 70's. Her art is supported by organic symbols from nature, culture heroines and heroes, and story tellers in many forms. Cradled in her intent as an artist is her belief that art communicates on four levels through spirit, emotion, mind and body.

Right: Pamela Yates, Grandmother Tree
Left: Pamela Yates, Hands that Hold Us
July, 2004

Andy Alpern, untitled
July, 2004

Paul Mindell, Greens, Jeans, and In-Betweens
June, 2004

Paul Mindell creates photo collage "LandEscapes" from location shoots around the world. A painter by training, Mindell was inspired to work with photographs while traveling with his daughter a decade ago. Shooting hundreds of pictures at a given scene, he cuts, crops, and rearranges them with a painterly technique that has become his personal signature. Jay Michaelson, How I Finally Learned to Accept Christ in My Heart

Bara Sapir, Hannah/Tiferet
June, 2004

Jay Michaelson, Mayflowers
May, 2004

Jay Michaelson, Outlaw May, 2004

Jay Michaelson, Stable May, 2004

Andy Alpern

Bara Sapir, Po v'Sham

Jay Michaelson

Bara Sapir, flag

Bara Sapir, untitled

Jay Michaelson, Ice Tree

Jay Michaelson, Untitled

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