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Editorial Staff

Jay Michaelson, Chief Editor
Dan Friedman, Associate Editor
Bara Sapir, Art Editor
Joshua Furst, Fiction Editor
Leah Koenig, Assistant Editor
Michael Shurkin, Assistant Editor
Stephen Hazan Arnoff, Contributing Editor

Mission Statement

Zeek Magazine is an independent Jewish journal of thought and culture, which features innovative writers, artists, and critics whose work speaks to questions of Jewish culture, society, and spirit.

Founded in 2002, Zeek has retained both its independence and its expansive definition of Jewish cultural and spiritual life. Our contributors range from well-known rabbis and professors to emerging artists, musicians, and poets. We welcome the heretical, honor the sincere, and are generally bored by in-jokes, apologetics, and irony. We value independence, courage, and thoughtfulness, and publish stories which say something new about that which is meaningful. Above all, we believe that an intelligent, articulate Jewish sensibility is one that speaks from its place of particularity in a far wider conversation -- and true conversation requires both a fearlessness to create and an openness to change.

Our journal welcomes contributions, submissions, and critique. Please feel free to email us at zeek[at]zeek.net.

Archive, Printing, and Sharing

Most of Zeek is available online, free of charge. Click here for 500 pages of past articles, poems, photos, and reviews. You are welcome to link to and print all of Zeek's articles, but we ask that you link to us every time you do so. All material on www.zeek.net is Copyright (c) 2002-2006 by Metatronics Inc., and the respective authors. We ask -- indeed, demand -- that you give due credit to Zeek & the author upon excerpting, photocopying, or plagiarizing. Thanks.

Submission Guidelines

Zeek welcomes and often publishes unsolicited submissions of original poetry, art, fiction, and essays. Please look over our mission statement, as well as current and past content, before sending us your work. Submissions are accepted via EMAIL ONLY to zeek@zeek.net. Copyrights are retained by the author, but Zeek must be credited on any subsequent republications of work that first appears here.

Zeek in Print

Zeek is published in print twice annually, once in the fall and once in the spring. Click here to purchase the Winter 2003/04 issue of Zeek Magazine with your major or minor credit card. Subscriptions are available for $14 for one year or $25 for two years.

Technical Support

Because of variations among Internet browsers and platforms, you may not be seeing Zeek the way we'd like you to see it. Zeek is optimized for Internet Explorer version 5 or higher. There are known to be problems with versions of Netscape earlier than 4.72, some versions of Mozilla, and with certain older AOL browsers. For the optimum Zeek experience, please consider upgrading your browser to the newest version of Internet Explorer or one of its open source competitors. Zeek is best viewed with the Futura fonts (Futura Md BT and Bk BT) installed and with java enabled on your browser.

Internship opportunities

Zeek is seeking two capable interns to work part-time on the magazine's editorial, sales, marketing, and distribution efforts. Interns will interact with Zeek editors and authors, gaining valuable editorial skills and the opportunity to create bylined content for the magazine. New York location is preferred, but not essential. Successful candidates will possess outstanding verbal skills, and will be intelligent, creative and self-motivated. Admission is rolling. Send resumes and queries to zeek@zeek.net.

Contact Information

Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture
104 West 14th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10011

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