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At the rally, Elie Wiesel spoke. When they called him up to the podium, I turned my head to the front of the crowd. We were still far away. I thought I saw his head against an American flag behind him. I couldn't make out his face. I was wearing my glasses, but they didn't help. I thought he would have something interesting to say, because he's a writer, but he didn't. His speech was not very powerful. Elie Wiesel is old.


There were many signs at the rally. They tried to convey a message to everyone. Some said that some place "supported Israel." I didn't know until then that Israel had Raleigh's support. Other signs compared 9/11 to terrorism in Israel.

Some signs made fun of Yasser Arafat. One said, "Arafat: go meet your 72 virgins." Another said, "Arafat, your father should've pulled out." Those were the less political posters.


Before we left the rally area, we caught up with some friends. We met them near a fire hydrant that had been opened. It was spewing water for anyone who wanted to cool off. Most of my friends went into the spray. I stood on the fringe and held their cell phones. I was just close enough that it felt like a fog against my face. The moisture in the air was enough for me. I did not want to get on the bus wet. I didn't want to catch a cold from the bus air conditioner.


The whole route back to the football stadium, people living in the houses we passed were turning on their hoses for us. Some were selling ice cream or lemonade. We all thought that was nice. Residents were spraying Jews with garden hoses on request. They probably thought it was funny. We thought it was refreshing.


We got back to the buses later than the schedule planned. The bus ride back seemed longer than the first one. There was some traffic. I still didn't sleep much. The same girl fell asleep on me again. She was sleeping on my shoulder now. I still had to hold her for her safety. When she woke up and got off me, I stood and declared my freedom again. Then I sat back down.


When I got home and looked in the mirror, I nodded in approval of my suntan.

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