January 06

Looking through the Spiritual Eye

Peter Azrak

Peter Azrak,

Looking through the Spiritual Eye, by Peter Azrak

A haven, Nature offers me solitude. As I encounter the purity of silence, I put aside my expectations of how images in Nature should appear and open to her beauty as it is.

Allowing myself to enter into an intimate relationship with Nature; I am moved to a deeper place within. Then, as the image offers itself, I find I am willing to accept it. Letting go of the desire to capture, of the notion that Nature can be held at all, is the starting point for seeing through the spiritual eye.

Considered in this light, discovering Nature’s beauty calls for an interior stirring of the heart. This response asks a photographer to be free of expectations, and demand nothing. With this approach, I began to see images that were, one might say, given to me. It is as if Nature is doing the selecting, the abstracting of herself, suggesting there is more to be seen than what initially strikes the eye.

Nature permits herself to be seen, as I develop my relationship with the spiritual eye. She offers a view I might have missed had I not become sensitive to my own response. In everyone, there’s a response within, waiting to be felt, just as there is beauty without, waiting to be seen.

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