Plague Cookies
Mica Scalin

It started when my mother put frogs on the seder table. Before long, rubber frogs and other critters became a staple at our holiday meal. One year brought a center piece resembling a river that was 'turned to blood' with the help of a few drops of food coloring.

This tradition has continued over the years, bringing to the table the blight of failed household horticultural projects, disgustingly realistic boils made from theatrical face putty, actual darkness, and wild beast face masks with sound effects. Did I mention the lice? This years offering, The Plague of Cookies, was kosher for Passover.

Plague Cookies were conceived and created by Sara Heifetz, Mica Scalin, and Noah Scalin. Photographs by Mica Scalin.

A passover feast:
Frogs, Blood, Locusts, Murrain, Vermin

Darkness, Boils, Hail, Locusts, the Slaying of the First Born

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May 2003

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