The Reel Whirled


We left Black Rock Desert 12 daze ago-go & it's only 2day that eye'm final E wiping the dust out of the inside of Andre, my vintage cobalt 'cedes. & of course all the dust will prolly only B gone after 17 washings or next August, when it will B time 2 return 2 Burning Man, whichever comes 1st.

Eye couldn't bring myself 2 actually wa$h Andre [especially when eye noticed Vale signed his name with Love in the dust], although my auto mechanic Carl had done that 4 me while eye was in The Big Falafel this week, visiting Jmetatron, my new kabbalah guru, who eye had met at Burning Man. Little did we know that when eye was semi joking / flirting with J about coming 4 a visit 2 NYC that the visit would happen the very next week. But that is Burning Man. B careful what U wi$h 4 there, B cause U might just get it.

Black Rock City sticks with U, 2 U; hell, throughout the year eye have dreams of B ing on The Playa with other Burners & eye wake up with the chills. Is it the last week of August yet? Each year eye resolve 2 come out sooner, B cause eye feel like the week flies by like magick. This was my sophomore year, it was good not 2 B the new geek on campus. Eye cannot say which year was bet tar, last year as a virgin or this year as a sophomore; both years were supremely perfect & completely different.

4 us this year, the Playa was about yoga classes, kabbalah, spirituality, and meeting some very interesting people. No drunken wedding that we can't even remember like the 1 we lived thru last year, & 4 us, no sex evan.

Not that we didn't have N E opportunities. O, they abounded.

How could they not, with the daily foam party at The Land of Misfit Toys, or free Dam Tinis from Damnsterdamned, or absinthe happy hour from the Green Fairies or a camp named The Liquid Diet Lounge 4 fuxake.

& by we, eye mean me, & my gay husband Will; we've been torturing ourselves in a sexless marriage that somehow worx 4 ovar 2 years. Eye don't have 2 X plain our relationshit 2 U; the sad thing is relationshits like ours have B come so mainstream that it's no longer avant garde…it's a primetime television hit.

A couple of fun things about B ing a sophomore though means eye could relax more & take it all in, instead of feeling like eye have 2 B at 88 different places at once & C everything that is going on. It's like, eye already know the drill so eye can just take it E Z. Or a CC. Of E.

Eye'd had my years of unending drug use & left them far B hind but something about The Playa makes me wanna Black Rock & Roll & roll & roll. Actually, eye took halves at a time, B cause the E's this year's free(!) E [yes, U should pay 4 nothing at BRC & N E asshole who is out there selling drugs & not giving it away should B drawn & quartered.] were white pills with cherries on them, courtesy of 1 of my camp m8's at the Breast Western, Dak. & these cherries truly were the icing on the cake, & supar dupar strong. Eye couldn't imagine what would happen if eye took the whole pill at once. Now eye don't want 2 N force the stigma that B'man is just about drugs, or sex, or hedonism, or all that B.S. Real E, Burning Man is what U make it. & if eye happen 2 do E once a year & it's always at B'man, so B it.

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Image: Jamie Burton,
The Divine Birth of Imagination,
at Center Camp 2002

November 2002

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