Red Fysche
The Reel Whirled, p. 2

As it was, it hit me 15 minutes in 2 our afternoon shift at Center Camp Café. Now let me say, eye love volunteering at the Center Camp Café. U work 5 shifts of 4 hours each & "they" [headed by the ubiquitous Dr. Jones] reimburse U 4 your N trance ticket, + U get 2 keep all the tips. 2 years in a row now Will & eye have left B'man with like 600 bones B tween us & had a couple of fun daze of D compression in San Francisco, thanx 2 volunteering at the Center Camp Café. + U get fed while working, which is fabulicious in the desert, since all Will & eye brought were yogurt, granola bars, cheese, tortilla, & Ramen, all of which either ran out or got tired after day 3. Working at Center Camp Café U meet so many cool & damn fucking beautiful gorgeous people who come 2 us 4 fuxake; no need of endless hours wandering The Playa looking 4 some action. Most of these happy hippies bring us gifts, alcohol, drugs, food, party invitations, and love sweet love.

But imagine 15 minutes in 2 our afternoon shift at Center Camp Café, having 2 deal with hundreds of people lining up at the Starbucks which is more like Mad Max meets Cirque Du Soleil, & having 2 serve them ice chai with soy when WHAM the E hits & o my god U can feel every single person in that room, completely scan their emotions & read their every thought

It's not bad

But it's not like eye can still serve the damn coffee.

Eye run out 2 the porta potties in the back, B cause they R so fucking glamorous, & sit in there while eye let the ecstasy roll ovar me, taking it all in, communic8ing with Will thru our mental telepathy, wondering how the hell he could manage actually facing the crowds, since we R on the same roll. Then after the waves pass eye return 2 normal, & of course normal means let's C, naked people everywhere or dressed in the most outlandish drag attire or body paints & every 1 is so damn happy & loving & the attitude is "what can eye do 4 U" instead of the other way around & go back 2 serving the iced coffee until we may return 2 the camp where U can do haiku4beer…

How can this not B the real whirled?

Everything else is so fake.

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from Burning Man 2002:
Steven Stone

Fysche is a novelist and performance artist who lives in Los Angeles. This is her first column for Zeek, so she feels like a virgin.

November 2002

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