A mythical dream:
We sit on the corner of 22nd & NW 2nd Ave. in Miami, FL.
Almost LA + Hawaii. It's the tropics, yet helicopters
buzz loudly not so far overhead.
O, B cause they're shooting "The Fast and The Furious II" and
using our street as a location. Hey, they're giving us $200 a
day 2 do it.
It's not a speaking part.
A mythical dream, complete with Gods & Mythical C
Creatures & Amazon Goddesses and Sirens.
"the wreckage is outside" (B.Corgan)

& by we eye mean me, the Mythical C creature mermaid, who U
shall call Fysche and he, the merman who U shall call not at
all, unless U get the number 2 Thriftopia, the shop we're running.
Thriftopia is a non-profit organization, a giant
warehouse-sized previously owned merchandise store...from
vintage antiques to classic art... in the Design District of Miami.

It's a long story how we got this gig but it's now ours, as
well as a pad 2 boot. A nice lily pad 4 the mermaid & merman.
O, and like Greek Mythology...the merman & mermaid don't
sleep 2gether...since they R not blood relatives.
In vampyre mythology we R blood relatives but that is yet another store: E.

The mermaid is a Saint-Virgin Fysche who has many dreams...
1 of them B ing that relocation 2 another fantastic plush location happens quarterly.
Hence, Miami.
When U get 2 a certain tax bracket U must D clare quarterly,
so shite, Y not reloc8 2 fancy digs just as often?
Can't w8 2 get settled in 2 the Miami lifestyle and get the
routine down. That means a gym membership at the Delano and
weekend jaunts 2 the Keys, Bahamas, St. Maartens, or even Haiti.
Cali4nia has Catalina.
Friggin' Miami has like...the N tire Caribbean uber close & uber cheap.

Fysche is living this dream while another 1 shatters fast
like glass glass glass

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December 2002

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