Stingray, p.2
So, about the prince. U no,
Many of the Gods in Greek Mythology R complete assholes;
hell, Zeus murdered his own sons, so Y should the modern day
messiahs B N E different?
Well, eye'll tell U Y.
B cause it is so E Z 2 B a fucking asshole. It's more
original 2 B the nice guy.

Of course, if U live in a Glass House U shouldn't throw
stones but eye am a Saint-Virgin Fysche
& The Glass House is deceptive...a hall of dirty mirrors...U
think U can C in but all U C is a reflection of your own
projection and B hide the facade as well:
sham pain wishes & caveat dreams.

4 the last 9 years Fysche has been dreaming of
living in the Glass House and when Fysche finally finally
finally gets 2 the front door (after 9! years of the video
game haze and maze) a huge ogre guards the moat, and the
prince is hapless...can't throw the maiden a single line...2
much drama in the castle & not the right kind.

Fysche leaves undaunted, D termined...some day her prince
will come and come & come in a powerful wave of coregasm


Falling from the magickal guarden ~ what have we here?!
A sweet tantalizing fruit. "What is this?" Fysche asks
Itself...the timing of the juicy berry uncanny.
The berry holds all the secrets of the Glass Menagerie and
like a resplendent lotus opens up and pours 4th its
iridescent intoxicating elixir; an orgiastic blend of
mysteries, spells, incantantions, prophecies, exultations,
atrocities, and the broken-hearted Siren's wail tearstained
underneath ... [last 2 words R B.C.'s again]

Fysche is flabbergasted.
And confused.
Suddenly the prince no longer seems like the objet' desire.
Fysche got bonked on the head by a giant friggin' Starberry Siren.
Fysche is a lotus eater.


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Fysche's life is performance art.

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