Josh Ring Gets a Ride

Josh Ring

I was running to school because I was going to be late. I didn't want to be late for class. I don't like it when everyone turns to see who walked through the door. I don't like that kind of attention.

It was cold outside. It smelled like winter. The running kept me warm; so did my jacket.

After three blocks, I heard someone call my name. I slowed down so I could listen better. I heard my name again so I looked around. I could not recognize the voice. There was a car stopping in the street next to me. It was a black SUV. I recognized my friend's mother in the driver's seat. She was waving to me. I waved back. She was saying something else to me but I couldn't hear what. It was windy. All I heard was something about school and driving. I nodded and smiled.

She pulled up to the curb. I said hello again and walked over to the car and got in the back seat. I figured she had offered to drive me the rest of the way to school, but I wasn't sure. She continued to talk to me after I got in the car, so I think I was right.

It was warm inside the car. I unbuttoned my jacket slowly. I did not want to make any loud popping sounds with my buttons. I looked around the car. It was tan and clean. There was a box of tissues next to me. I had never talked to my friend's mother before. It was like taking a ride from a stranger. I sat as still as possible. My hands were in my lap. I saw her eyes look at me every so often through the rear-view mirror. I tried to maintain a polite smile for as long as I could.

My friend's younger brother was in the passenger seat. His mother explained that they had come from the orthodontist and were now going to school. He just got his braces on. He did not smile. He did not look back at me.

His mother told me that he recognized me on the street. He recognized my pants. They are brown with vertical white stripes. I was happy I wore them that day. I started to feel a little warm.

When we got to school, I thanked my friend's mother three or four times as I re-buttoned my jacket. I wanted to make a good impression. I walked to the building and held the door open for my friend's younger brother.

I was on time for my class. No one looked at me when I walked into the room. I sat down in my seat. I was smiling while I thought about the ride. I was still a little warm. My teacher was late.

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