Josh's dinner in the cafeteria
Josh Ring
1.   I walked into the main dining hall at my college where all the freshmen eat. Upperclassmen usually don't go there. They don't like it there. It was 6:45 and I thought it was time for dinner. It was the first time I had gone to a meal by myself. I usually go with a group of people from my hall, but I couldn't find any of them in the dorm. I thought they would already be in the cafeteria. I figured I would find them when I got there.

2.   As I walked down the stairs from the entrance to the floor with all the eating stations and tables, I tried to scan the room for my friends so that I would know where they were sitting. I thought that if I could find them as I was coming in, it would be easier to find them when I had my food. I couldn't see any of them. Since I was looking out into the room, however, I didn't realize that there was a lady trying to scan my ID card so that I would have paid for my meal. She said, "Excuse me," and when I turned to her I just smiled. She was sitting on a stool in front of a cash register with a scanner in her hand. She had a brace on her wrist. I gave her my ID to scan and said thank you. She did not respond. I walked passed her to get in line for the food.

3.   I had to squeeze between two people that were on line for carved pork loin to get a tray and fork from a small table. I did not want pork. I got in line for a plate of rice, lasagna, and potatoes. When it was my turn, I asked for a little of everything. The woman behind the counter placed a little of each item on my plate and passed it to me under the sneeze guard. I thanked her and walked on. I grabbed a slice of pizza from the pizza station. There was no line there.

4.   I walked across the dining room to see if I could see anyone I knew. I didn't want to just sit down somewhere and not know anyone at the table. I walked past all the tables twice, back and forth, before I decided to just take a chance. I began to walk towards a table when I saw a girl that I knew. She was a friend of someone in my hall and we had hung out one night. I remembered her name so I figured that meant it wouldn't be so weird if I sat with her. I hoped she would remember mine. I said hello and sat next to her. She smiled at me and said, "hey Josh," so that made me feel more comfortable. She introduced me to the people she was sitting with. They were four girls that she knew. It was just us six people at the table. There were four empty seats. The girl I sat next to said, "Well aren't you a lucky guy sitting with five lovely ladies." All the girls giggled a little at that. I smiled and said, "We'll see about that." They laughed again.

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