August 06


Andy Alpern

Andy Alpern, Fisherman

Andy Alpern is a photographer, peace activist, and mentsh who lives in Amirim, a small moshav outside of Tsfat in the north of Israel. He's known for his panoramic shots of famous and not-so-famous places in Israel. When I last spoke with Andy, he was heading up to check on his gallery in Tsfat in the wake of the bombings of the holy city, courtesy of Hezbollah. I asked him if he could take some shots of the devastation so we could run them in Zeek, but I haven't heard from Andy since he left. I assume he's okay.

In the meantime, this image of a fisherman standing on the piers, with Tel Aviv's skyline in the background, always struck me as a poignant evocation of some of the contrasts of Israel: old and new, personal and technological, quaint and modern. There has always been something a little precarious, too -- and yet also resolute. Unshakable, even if he shouldn't be, and even if he's growing a little fatter around the middle. I don't know him, but I bet he has opinions on where to get the best hummus in town.

- Jay Michaelson

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