Hiding Your Sins

Hal Sirowitz

You'd think that since God
watches us from up high in Heaven,
it'd be easy to hide our sins,
Father said. As long as you keep
them small, He'll never see them.
But just like no one really knows
what God looks like, no one is certain
about what He can actually see.
If Superman can see through walls,
then shouldn't God also be able
to do that? I shouldn't even be
comparing the two. One is
a comic book creation. The other
is the Lord of the Universe. But
I couldn't think of another way
of giving you the proper perspective.

Hal Sirowitz is the author of four books of poems, Mother Said, My Therapist Said, Before During & After, and Father Said. He is the recipient of a Frederick Delius Award and The Susan Rose Recording Grant for Contemporary Jewish Music.

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