Avi Levy

To write here,
In this language,
And, make it
Mine--the brokenness--
Not its own nor--
                          "First there was a boom!

The fear that,
In speaking you,
Motionless sounds--
                          Then everything was still.

The thought of
Desiring you,
Here again,
A failure of
Such feeling--
                          Then I cried out

The occult syntax of
Another holiness
Imposes upon me,
Marring you--
                          His name."

It's been so long,
But you still move,
Even if
Your absence
Encroaches, and
         Does not amass,

And no more
Remain, or,
Never were,
Of adroitness,

This wistfulness
Is a knowledge
In disarray.

Avi Levy is a poet and student living in Jerusalem.

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