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Jews and Bush: A Resource Guide

Editor's Note: Zeek is proud to be a progressive, spiritual Jewish magazine. We have devoted our October issue to the upcoming American election, and have devoted many pages of this magazine to understanding the current American political drama from a progressive Jewish perspective. This online resource guide contains some of our favorite websites on the election, together with articles and art that have appeared in Zeek on the issue.

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Resources on Zeek.net

The Spiritual Foundations of Bushism Jay Michaelson
The deep structure of the American Right's appeal
August, 2004

The Virtue of Mediocrity Michael Shurkin
Reading Toqueville in an Election Year
April, 2004

I hear America Bling-blinging Jay Michaelson
Hypercapitalism as Satanism
June, 2003

Constriction Jay Michaelson
Dick Cheney and the New Age
March, 2003

The Other Rally Samuel Hayim Brody
Confrontation and cooperation in the face of odious leaders
February, 2003

Some things have changed, some have stayed the same Jay Michaelson
Alienated politics in an age of ignorance
December, 2002

Manufacturing Dissent Chad Beck
For the Left's voice to be heard, it needs to play by the rules
November, 2002

The Polity Rachel Dobkin
Overheard in Union Square, September 11, 2002
October, 2002

Mourning in America Samuel Hayim Brody
Consuming September 11
September, 2002

Elephant Memory Jay Michaelson
The most evil and deceitful administration in American history
August, 2002

The Failure of Anti-Despotism Justin Weitz
America's shallow globalization strategy
July, 2002

Enraged in the Enron Age Dan Friedman
The rich are ripping us off! What are you gonna do about it?
April, 2002

The Desert and the City and the Mall Jay Michaelson
If the desert feeds the spirit, and Paris delights the senses, what does McDonald's do? May, 2002

What's your point? Samuel Hayim Brody
A WEF Protester Tells You Why He Bothers
March, 2002

Five Groups to be Angry at after September 11 Jay Michaelson
There's a lot of frustration in the air. Channel your rage at the people responsible for September 11 -- and we don't mean those cavemen in Afghanistan.
December, 2001

Fact-heavy progressive websites



Common Dreams

Independent Media Center

Grist Magazine


The Ruckus Society

Individual Articles Elswhere

The Bush 'Scorecard'

The Deficit Graph

Jewish progressive resources

The Shalom Center Content-rich site on progressive Jewish theology and politics from R. Arthur Waskow. Includes Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi's moving "Prayer for the Election."

Jewsweek Webzine for Jews in their 20's, 30's, and 40's.
Features political column ("A Jewish Critique of Bushism") by Zeek editor Jay Michaelson

Jews for Racial & Economic Justice


jewschool News and blogs from Mobius and his crew

Tikkun Large left-wing Jewish magazine and community

Outstanding election-related weblogs (Thanks to Zeek contributer Peter Conklin for preparing this list)

atrios.blogspot.com Large audience, many links, excellent resources

dailykos.com Like Atrios: Big audience, links, excellent resources

J.Bradford Delong.net DeLong is a brilliant economist at UC Berkeley who works through policy issues thoroughly.

talkingpointsmemo.com Josh Marshall is an investigative reporter in DC who contributes to left-leaning publications.

digbysblog Gutsy writer given to entertaining rants.

mydd.com Detailed poll-watching and election-watching

donkeyrising Provides good explanations of polling data and how to read results.

crookedtimber.org Academic bloggers

Washington Monthly Kevin Drum was the California Pundit, then joined at Washington Monthly. He has quite a following.

GEF Run by an economist (Stephen Roach), this site provides analysis on international macroeconomic issues. Very good, though gets into lots of econo-speak.


Just for fun

JibJab Excellent election-related flash animation

George W. Bush sings 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'

'Build a Better Bush'

More to come... please send links to zeek@zeek.net.

October 2004

Empowering Jewish Progressives
Leah Koenig

Deconstructing Zell Miller (and Reconstructing Kerry)
Jay Michaelson

A Demonstration in Words
Hila Ratzabi

Where Left and Right Collide
a debate
moderated by
Dan Friedman

Art at War
Bara Sapir

Jews and Bush
An Online Resource Guide

Belly of the Beast
Cullen Goldblatt

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