Josh Goes to Prague

Josh Ring

It was the last day of my trip to Prague. It was cold.

Two friends and I came into the center of the city to spend the last morning of our trip buying last-minute souvenirs and getting some extra photos of the architecture. We ate breakfast at a creperie next to the Charles Bridge. Our flight was at 4 o'clock. We did not have a lot of time to spend in the city.

We walked along the narrow streets from Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square. My friends bought some scarves for their families. I did not. I did not think my family would want those scarves. I bought a T-shirt for myself. It had a picture of Kafka on it. Kafka lived and died in Prague. I bought it in a souvenir shop with an Internet café. The night before my friends had gone in there to check their e-mail. They wanted to know their grades on their history papers. I decided I could wait until I got home to check.

I stood outside with one of my friends in front of a giant wooden Golem statue. It was standing in a slab of concrete so that it would not fall over or get stolen. The concrete had metal spikes in it. They did not want people sitting on it. It was not a bench. I took a picture of my friend hugging it.

The streets were made of cobblestone. I tripped on an uneven stone. I stubbed my toe.

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Image: The Golem

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