November 06

The Loser Who Won

Jack Feldstein

Excerpt from The Loser Who Won, a digital animation feature by Jack Feldstein.
Click here to download the original feature.
Note that the file is 200MB so it may take a while to load - but be patient, it's a hilarious, creative piece that is only barely represented by this short clip, so it really is worth it.

Jack Feldstein is a director, playwright, scriptwriter, script editor, series creator and interactive scriptwriter, filmmaker, and lecturer in Sydney, Australia. Jack terms his style Neonism. His works have the aesthetic of moving neon lighting; pulsating bright colours usually against a black backdrop. They shift quickly, and their relationship with Jack's neurotic narrative monologue varies between symbolic, chaotic, hilarious and the sublime. As a writer, director, and filmmaker, his films include The Loser Who Won, The Great Oz Love Yarn, Rock Hard, and Three Months with Pook. His most recently completed neon film is The Ecstasy of Gary Green.

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