Matthue Roth and Juez
Beats, Rhymes, and Nigguns, p. 4

Are you all Orthodox-identified?

Erez: Yes sir. I mean, if someone else labeled us

Matthue: But isn't it weird how so much of Modern Orthodox culture is preppie-identified? Proportionally, at least, you get so few observant Jews at avant-garde shows or poetry readings, especially when our culture puts such an emphasis on music and the oral tradition.

Erez: Yeah....that's weird. But I think the religious grow up sort of sheltered from experimental and abstract music, so they know whatıs popular, and what sounds like popular, and then a few unpopular groups that they have stumbled upon.

Matthue: Do you ever find yourself getting too esoteric for the crowds you started out playing for -- you know, college kids and yeshiva girls?

Erez: I wish, man. Well, Stern girls in NYC...

Yoshie: Sometimes people are really confused about what exactly it is that we are doing, but they're are usually also glad they heard it if for no other reason than the fact that they haven't heard anything like it before. The Stern girls love it. How do they feel about your "Orthodox Girls" poem?

Matthue: I get the weirdest reactions to that piece. I mean, itıs basically an objectification of the Orthodox lifestyle in a really sexual way. But most of the shit I get is from non-Orthodox people, secular Jews who are like, How can you condemn that lifestyle? They donıt get that I am that lifestyle. I totally want to wait till Iım married to have sex. But they hear sex, they think, itıs gotta be illicit, and Orthodox people would never have sex. And Orthodox people are like, hell yeah! Thatıs why I admire Stern girls.

Erez: I don't know if yeshivish kids dig our music yet...that sometimes comes with listening. But they like that it's like nothing they've ever heard. I think they can appreciate that we are good.

Yoshie:Or at least they buy our record because Erez is cute.

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