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8. We decided that it might be a while before the car started. My teammates began to call some of their friends to see if they could pick us up. We were still forty minutes from school. While we waited, we decided to go into IHOP for an early dinner. I was hungry and ordered French toast. I sat down at the table and looked at my hands again. They were filthy from playing sports all day. I said that I should probably wash them. One teammate said that he wanted to wash his, too. I said that I wasn't sure if I'd be able to wash my hands my self. My right hand hurt and felt weak. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to scrub it well enough to get the dirt off. My teammate said he'd help me. We walked into the bathroom and I stood by the sink. "How do you want to do this?" he asked. I told him that I did not know. He stood next to me and took my hand and began to wash it. He pressed it with his two hands under the running water with soap and carefully rubbed it almost as if he were massaging it. I stood sideways next to the sink and looked into the mirror. I could see his eyes looking down into the sink at my hand. His mouth was slightly open. I looked at myself and quickly looked at my other hand, away from the sink, wondering if I should just try to do it myself. I didn't say anything except for "thank you" one he finished. I went back to the table and ate my French toast.

9. I finished eating and was the last one to pay my check at the counter. As I got my change I heard a car honk outside. I looked out the window through the blinds. It was our car. It had started. I smiled as I left IHOP and got back into the backseat.

10. We drove back to school and my teammates dropped me off at the Emergency Room of the hospital in neighborhood. I walked up to the receptionist and told her that I thought I broke my right pinky. She told me to sit down and wait. I sat down in the waiting room. The TV was on. There was a man sitting across from me. His legs were bouncing and his face was tensed. He looked dirty. His teeth were discolored, and his hair was messy. He was looking at me. I tried not to look back at him so I pretended to watch the TV even though I couldn't really pay attention. It was a crime drama. The man leaned forward and said hello to me. I said hello back and went back to looking in the direction of the television. He leaned forward and asked how I was doing. I said "okay." I did not ask how he was doing. I did not want to know what was wrong with him. After a few moment of silence he said to me, "I hate Emergency Rooms." I nodded. I saw his legs begin to bounce faster. I did not want to talk to him anymore. Soon, the nurse called my name for my x-ray.

11. After the x-ray I waited in a curtained area. I waited a long time. I heard doctors speaking outside about broken bones. I couldn't tell if they were talking about me or not. I tried to relax on the hospital bed. I put my hands behind my head. When the doctor came in she said that she had good news, that my finger wasn't broken. I asked if she was sure because my finger was still crooked. I showed her my hand. She told me to wait a moment as she left the room. When she came back she said that it was broken. I gave a small laugh. I just wanted to leave. The doctor gave me a splint and prescription for pain killers.

12. I walked home. I held my hand chest level. I tried to get used to the splint, especially since the doctor said that I would need it for a while. The night was much cooler than the day. My hand was cold especially since I could not make a fist with it. When I got back, it was already late. I sat down and started my homework.

Josh Ring is a student at Wesleyan University.

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