Masoretic Orgasm
Hayyim Obadyah

Hayyim Obadyah is developing the "Sacred Splendour" series of prayer books, providing modern gender-sensitive English translations and egalitarian options for the traditional Jewish liturgy according to the customs of the Eastern Communities.

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Three Nights Jill Hammer
March, 2005

The Knowing Jay Michaelson
January, 2005

Sufganiyot Rachel Barenblat
December, 2004

belly of the beast Cullen Goldblatt
October, 2004

Jews, Goddesses, and the Zohar Jill Hammer
July, 2004

Playing Eve Hila Ratzabi
June, 2004

Every City has a Soul Jill Hammer
May, 2004

fish rain Susan H. Case
May, 2003

yom kippur Sara Seinberg
April, 2003

Hands Harvey
August, 2002

April 2005

Neurotic Visionaries & Paranoid Jews
April 7, 2005

Jews on Stage
Dan Friedman

Out of Bounds
Angela Himsel

Masoretic Orgasm
Hayyim Obadyah

Messianic Troublemakers: Jewish Anarchism
Jesse Cohn

The Hasidim
Hila Ratzabi

Jay Michaelson

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